Install IOS Style Facebook Theme To Your Facebook

After a long time i am again starting writing articles , so the last time i have written an article on How to make Facebook profile images not clickable ,in today article i will show you how to apply new Facebook theme to your Facebook , this theme will override the default style of Facebook theme ,if you remember , i already shown you on how to apply a Facebook theme , the core conceptContinue Reading

How To Make Facebook Profile Picture Not Clickable

In my the last post i shown you a trick by using that trick you can view or enlarge the not clickable facebook profile picture and also some days ago i shown you more security option that are provide by the facebook like hiding facebook friends list from the public  and another post on hide your facebook status from the certain people in today post i will show you one more security option that isContinue Reading

How To View And Enlarge Non Clickable Private Facebook Profile Picture

Facebook provide many privacy options to the facebook users to hide them self from others in many way like you can hide your facebook friend list from public to view it similarly facebook provide you a option to hide your facebook status from certain people and most best privacy facebook provide is to locked or restricted your facebook photos from public to watch it .You can also restricted or locked your facebook profile picture andContinue Reading

Send Unlimited Message To Unknown People On Facebook

Last time i shown you how to apply facebook style or theme to your default facebook account .In today post i will show how to misuse some facebook feature to send unlimited message on facebook to unknown.Facebook is most popular social networking website ,some people are always try to find out loop holes in it , so people found a new loop hole in facebook or we can said that , we can misuse aContinue Reading

Manage And Set Admin Roles For Facebook Pages

Recently  facebook launch a new feature for facebook called open graph search , this is advanced search engine for facebook that lets people to do advanced search on facebook as we search in Google or and other search engine and Few months ago facebook also launch a feature for facebook pages , using this feature you can add more people for admins role to your page.This features help a lot to the peoples who haveContinue Reading

Watch YouTube Videos Without Lag On Firefox

Watching videos on youtube on low bandwidth is so much annoying we have to wait for complete buffering but when we have sufficient bandwidth and videos on youtube lag we put blame to youtube for there service but that’s not true , the main reason behind the lag of youtube videos is the Firefox web browser we are using.There is no doubt about how great firefox web browser is but some time we need toContinue Reading

Two Hidden YouTube Secrets

Every one of us love to watch videos on youtube , youtube contains tons of videos that we will not able to watch it completely in our life .I have my own youtube channel on which contained many video tutorials.The biggest problem that youtube user face that they don’t know how to upload video more than 15 min on youtube , but it really doesn’t required in the beginning .Some features that youtube doesn’t provideContinue Reading