How To Install Third Party Themes On Window Seven

Today i will tell you how to install third party themes to your system.If you ever downloaded window  7  themes from Microsoft then you know the extension of the file is .themepack but the extension of third party themes is .theme .You can’t install this themes by double clicking like you install .themepack by double click for installing this theme you have to patch some system files.This system file are . uxtheme.dll themeservice.dll themeui.dll SoContinue Reading

Tweaking Mozilla Firefox For Very High Speed

Last time i show you how to tweak Google chrome for very high speed today in my post we will see  how to tweak the Mozilla Firefox for very high speed  because mozilla firefox is also the most popular browser like google chrome . How To Speed Up Mozilla Firefox We already know that new version of Mozilla Firefox is very high speed browser that doesn’t need any more tweaks but still there are someContinue Reading

How To Change Hard Drive Icon In Window Seven

Windows users always want to customize there window theme so if your are bored with your hard drive icon than you can change your hard drive icon in window seven and also in window vista .I will show you three methods of changing your hard drive icons so let see how to that. Using Freeware Utility This method is the most simplest method you have to only browse the icon in utility and click applyContinue Reading

Automatically making a list of movies, music and pictures

Today i will show you how to make a list of all the music,pictures and movies in a directory .it will be very help full for those who have large numbr of music files in a folder so there are two methods of making list by a freeware utility and another one using batch file let see both the methods. Creating A List Automatically Using Freeware Utility 1.) First download this utility from here .Continue Reading

How To Download YouTube Music From YouTube Video

Last time i show you how to convert YouTube video online  , in today i will show you how to download YouTube music from YouTube video online.To remove the desired visual clips from YouTube do not need any converter for processing file but only to go to the desired spot. 1.)Go to YouTube and copy the address of that video (See image below). 2.)Now go to and paste the URL in location box(SeeContinue Reading

How To Convert Youtube Videos Online

People want to youtube videos in there mobiles but many mobiles can’t able to play default FLV format youtube videos so  In today tutorial i will show you how to convert the YouTube video online for free so you can have all the youtube videos in your mobile also so let see how to that . 1.)Go to YouTube and copy the address of that video (See image below). 2.) Go to then pasteContinue Reading

How To Delete Undeletable Files

Some Time you want to delete a file but you get an error that file can’t be deletable .This error shows only when the file is associated with some resources or some other file.So lets see how to delete that undeletable file Method 1 : Kill Explorer.exe In this method we will use command prompt to delete that undeletable file but before using CMD we have kill explorer.exe .Let see how to do that ……..Continue Reading