Automatic Login In Windows 7

When you install window 7 then by default there is one user account and and user log on automatically in window seven .But if there is more than one account in window seven then user have to choose user account to log in.This happened also when another user account turn off and exist.If you have installed VMware in your computer then a account of vmware is also automatically created and the next time you logContinue Reading

How To Add Flip 3D Icon In Window 7 Taskbar

Flip 3D is the feature of window vista by which you can switch between the different programs in 3D view , if  you have ever used window vista than you would familiar with Flip3d feature .Flip3D flip your all opened window in 3D manner , see below picture for more details how actually it look like . You have a Flip3D icon in vista taskbar, But in Window seven by Flip3D icon to switch between different programsContinue Reading

How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account

Today i will tell you best methods to get an approved adsense account with in a week. I also applied for adsense many time but i rejected then i also follow one of the method that i will gonna be describe u below.In the end of this article i will tell which method i opt and get approved adsense account.This is the ultimate post of adsense that guaranteed that you will get a approved adsenseContinue Reading

Tweaking Google Chrome For Very High Speed

How To Speed Up Google Chrome We already know that google chrome is very high speed browser that doesn’t need any more tweaks but there are some tweaks that speed up your google chrome .So with the help of this tweak you can browse at blazing speed. 1.)Clean Up Browser When you browse website the data of website are also store on local storage on your local disk .So after a some time cache sizeContinue Reading

How to Access Control Panel Tools From Run

How to access control panel tools from run This is step by step by guide with images on how to access to control panels commands from “run” . Most of the time we access control panels tools via start menu –> control panel.Today i will tell you some shortcuts from that you can easily access that tools from “run” window directly. All the control panels tools are reside in folder c: –> windows –> systeam32Continue Reading

How to Back Up The Windows Registry

Some time you are required to do changes to your window registry so before you edit the window registry , make sure you back up all your window registry so If any problem occurs, you can then restore your registry files from your back up registry.But before we do start up backing up our registry we should know what is registry and why it is so important . What Is The Registry ? If weContinue Reading

Remove Conduit Search Virus And Redirection

What is conduit ? conduit is online toolbar developer community you can create your own toolbar using there website but this toolbar hijack the web browser and when ever you search some thing on your web browser the conduit search will redirect it to other search engine , they mostly spread there toolbar via free software like i was infected by utorrent application  so always be careful while installing any freeware tool . Conduit hijackedContinue Reading