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What is conduit ?

conduit is online toolbar developer community you can create your own toolbar using there website but this toolbar hijack the web browser and when ever you search some thing on your web browser the conduit search will redirect it to other search engine , they mostly spread there toolbar via free software like i was infected by utorrent application  so always be careful while installing any freeware tool .

Conduit hijacked My Browser

I downloaded the utorrent application from utorrent website and during installation utorrent  asked me whether i want to install conduit toolbar or not  so i didn’t want to install it so i unchecked it but still some how it installed on my Firefox so i removed the toolbar from browser but still some how the conduit search redirection  is still remain installed on my browser and this is to much annoying whenever i want  to search some thing i wrote query  in navigation bar and hit enter to search but it  redirect my search to  there own conduit search server instead of my default google search then i tried to change my default search engine but nothing happened so i found my self in very big problem because my browser was hijacked by conduit search virus so after hit and trial  i got a solution to completely remove conduit virus .

What is Conduit Search Redirect

When ever i type something in navigation bar and hit enter to search , it will  redirect me to bing search engine as you can see in the below pic so it basically hijacking my web browser and after changing my default serach engine , the conduit redirection still remain there so let see how we can remove this conduit search redirection virus .

remove conduit search virus redirection from mozilla firefox

so this so much annoying so let see how to remove conduit search from different different browser let see first how to remove conduit from mozilla firefox .

Remove Conduit Toolbar and Search Redirection From Firefox

1) If  you are infected by conduit redirection virus then might be that conduit have installed some addons on your mozilla firefox web browser without your intention so first we need to uninstall those addon , you can do this in firefox by going to  tools->add-ons->extension , see below image for more detail .

2.) Now in the addon manage page find the settings manager and site matcher addon in the addon manage page  and remove it , see below pic for more details .
remover conduit adddon from firefox

Now after removing those addon from your Mozilla firefox there might be still conduit search redirection virus will remain there, so now let move to next point to how to completely remove conduit search redirection so follow below steps.

3.)In the Mozilla Firefox address bar type  “about:config” and press enter  this will display a full list of all the Firefox preferences and setting’s. It may also ask for your permission before displaying them , see image below for more details  .

remove conduit search from firefox

At the Filter input box below the location address bar search   “conduit” this will show you result which match your query and display browser.newtab.url as per your your query , see the below image for more details .

remove conduit search redirection virus from mozilla firefox

Now double click  the browser.newtab.url a new small window will pop in that window clear all the URL and then click OK , it will reset your conduit search redirection and you will not see conduit redirection in your mozilla firefox ,see below pic for more details .

remove conduit search virus redirect

That’s it now you have now completely removed conduit search redirection virus from Mozilla firefox but if  you are not able to do it then you can also reset your mozilla firefox to reset default search engine and reset toolbars and control see below pic , for more details and below the image there is a link which will redirect you to the complete guide of how to reset the mozilla firefox .

reset firefox default setting

So for complete on how to reset firefox please take a look at the below link and follow it will completely remove conduit search from your browser without loosing any your firefox data .

how to reset mozilla firefox to default

Now lets see how to remove conduit on another browser like internet explorer so see below guide.

Removing Conduit Toolbar and Search Redirection From Internet Explorer

So we have seen how to remove conduit toolbar and search redirection  from Mozilla firefox now let see how to remove conduit search from internet explorer so first we need to uninstall conduit search from internet explorer so for that  go to  setting’s and then click on  Internet options ,see below image

A small window will pop up in  General Tab change home page tab either use  Default or  Use new tab , see below images for more details .

Now after that click on Programs tab , see below image where you will find the Programs Tab and then click on  manage add-ons .

After clicking on manage addon a new window will pop up in that window click on  Toolbar and extensions on right side pane and then  disable all the conduit installed toolbar from left side pane ,see below pic for more details .

Now click on  Search Providers from  right side pane and then from the right side pane right click on  Conduit customized web search and then choose   Remove see below pic.

That’s it now you have successfully removed conduit from your internet explorer , now lets move to other section on how to remove conduit in google chrome .

Removing Conduit Toolbar and Search Redirection From Google Chrome

if your are infected by conduit search redirection virus on Google chrome then you can easily remove it from the manage extension page , to reach manage extension page enter  chrome://extensions in the navigation area of google chrome and then hit enter after that click on  Extensions , see below pic for more details .

remove conduit

in that extension page if there is any extension with the name of  conduit then remove that conduit extension by clicking on the dustbin icon see above pic .Now we need to change the search management of google chrome to do that click on  settings (button found below extension) see above pic .Now In the settings page in the appearance section click on the change button to change the home button URL which is set by conduit , see below pic for more details .

google conduit removall

Once you click on it a pop will appear in that pop select your homepage or either delete all the conduit redirection URL , see below pic for more details

removal of conduit from google


Now in the search section choose google as default search engine , see below pic for more details and you can also delete the conduit search engine from URL .

removal of conduit from google 1

You have now removed the conduit redirect virus from google chrome ,but in the newer google chrome version you will not also able to add conduit extension in Google chrome , i tried to add this extension on my Google chrome,See below pic

After few seconds later a message is pop up on Google Chrome that you can’t add this conduit extension to Google chrome see this message in below pic.

So if you are running previous version of Google chrome uninstall it and installed newer safe Google chrome version,you can also look at my guide on tweak google chrome for very high speed if you google chrome works slow .
That’s it now finally you have remove conduit search engine completely from your web browser.Now when i type my query in my navigation bar it will search using Google search engine.So i hope you like my post if you have any problem please leave comment below in comment section i will try my best to help you and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog .

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  1. i’ve done this as well, after recent update of utorrent installed conduit even tho i opted out of installing toolbar. removed all conduit entries in firefox about:config. deleted conduit files from program files/data, and admin/appdata as well. the problem is, i just discovered that conduit has also HIJACKED WINDOWS SEARCH functionality. if i search any file in windows start button, the results opened in a new folder clearly showed the conduit icon. also, i discovered that using right click, delete when i highlight the conduit folders in program files,data won’t delete the files at all. first it won’t allow me, i had to go the roundabout way to delete the contents of the folder (community alerts). i had to delete it using a separate software.

    i’d like to know why this particular program seemed to bent to dig in its heels in a pc, and who owns this?

  2. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been searching for hours!!!!

  3. Crazy-monkey says

    so many thanks!

  4. i have it on google chrome pleas help thx.

  5. i have it on google chrome pleas help thx.

  6. I have uninstalled Conduit a good while back but for some reaston, now, Conduit search has taken the place of Yahoo search. Help me get rid of Conduit for good, please.

  7. As of Jan 2014 when I try to reset or modify the value of browser.newtab.url the value does not change. I think conduit has implanted some code that prevents changing this key value.

  8. sandeep kumar says

    thank you very much………..
    It’s a great help.

  9. Richard Allred says

    I would like to thank you for you website. It helped me get rid of conduit search. Then I find that you have all kinds of help and it is in a fashion that anybody should be able to understand. The net needs more of your sort of fellow. Thank you again

  10. When i type in “conduit” in firefox, “keyword.URL” doesn`t show. please help me!

  11. Thanks man, finally a solution that actually works 🙂

  12. You were AWESOME!!!!!!! I love you…thank you.

  13. HELP! Conduit has hijacked me too. I have IE and I did what the instructions said but it is still not allowing me to go to google. It redirects even with the defaults checked. I did not show Conduit under the manage add ons and this has really pissed me off!! I downloaded through CNET. Can you tell me where else to look to get rid of it!? Thanks so much! I’m short of doing a reset to the last restore point!

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