Automatic Login In Windows 7

When you install window 7 then by default there is one user account and and user log on automatically in window seven .But if there is more than one account in window seven then user have to choose user account to log in.This happened also when another user account turn off and exist.If you have installed VMware in your computer then a account of vmware is also automatically created and the next time you log on to your window seven then you have log in manually.Let see how to auto log in when multiple user account exist.

First method on how to automatic login in Windows 7

1.Click start menu and in search type “netplwiz”(See image below).

2.Now “Unchecked” the “user must enter the user name and password”(See image below).

3.Now click apply and ok.

4.After clinking ok a window will pop up(See image below).Now type the user name and password for account you want to login automatically. apply and ok.

Second method on how to automatic login in Windows 7

1.)Open Run(Winkey+R) the type regedit and click ok(See image below).

2.)Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon(See image below).

3.)You can see AutoAdminLogin and DefaultUserName.Now double click on AutoAdminlogin and change its vale to 1 and click OK (See image below).

4.)Now Double click on DefaultUserName and Specify the username for which you want automatic log in if there are multiple account’s (Se image below).

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