Automatically making a list of movies, music and pictures

Today i will show you how to make a list of all the music,pictures and movies in a directory .it will be very help full for those who have large numbr of music files in a folder so there are two methods of making list by a freeware utility and another one using batch file let see both the methods.

Creating A List Automatically Using Freeware Utility

1.) First download this utility from here .

2.) After you have downloaded the tool install that tool and start that tool by double click on it (See image below).

3.)Click on browse then in new window find that folder for which you want to make list (See image below) .

4.)Now Check the options you want to you contains the list as they say, the size in megabytes, of the time then click on Create HTML code (See image below).

5.)Now in the new window give your file a name and select where you want to save your file(See image below).

6.)Now the resultant file is in HTML format so double click it and view it in browser .You can also converted it some another format too (See image below).

Creating A List Automatically Using Batch File

1.) Open Notepad using Run(Winkey+R)(See image below).

2.)In Notepad Type dir / s *.*> dirlist.txt and from the upper menu of notepad click Save As (See image below).

3.) In the new Window give name to the file as i give name List.bat and choose save as type as All files and click Save (See image below) .

4.)Now copy that file you created (List.bat) and then open the folder where we want to make a list of ( music, movies, pictures ) and there paste that file (See image below).

5.)Now double Click on that file (list.bat) a CMD window will open that created your list to new file called dirlist.txt (See image below) .

6.)Now double click on dirlist.txt and see your listed files (See image below).

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