How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account

Today i will tell you best methods to get an approved adsense account with in a week. I also applied for adsense many time but i rejected then i also follow one of the method that i will gonna be describe u below.In the end of this article i will tell which method i opt and get approved adsense account.This is the ultimate post of adsense that guaranteed that you will get a approved adsense account without waiting 6 months.You have seen many post that will about get a approved adsense account with in 24hrs but the truth is that it is not possible but i can promise that you can get a approved adsense account with in week.
Before applying for adsense do following things as described below.
1.)Clean cookies
2.)New ip (restart your modem)
why we do this because Google trace your last ip address from which you applied for Google adsense so it necessary to perform the above task.

Get a approved google adsense account using Blog

1.)Register for a blog .The two top services for blogs are WordPress and blogspot.
2.)Preferably create a blog on blogspot ,because on WordPress to apply for a adsense you have must have top level domain but it is not so in blogspot so prefer blogspot.To register on blog click “Get Started” or sign in with your google account(See image below).
3.) Then click on “Create your blog now”(See image below).If you already have a Blog , be sure not Previously been made to Enroll in Adsense.
4.) Create a post interesting articles of at least 10 posts.
5.)Make sure the first Blog you have created indexed in Google(by submitting your blog to Google webmaster).
6.)Now time to do some SEO to get some traffic on your blog.I tell you a best method to get some traffic instant.Have you ever hear about spamming yaaa you are thinking right just spam your blog to other blog in comments so that you will get some instant traffic.
7.)Create some page like contact us ,privacy page and about us pages.If you don’t know how to create this check out my privacy page and about us page.
8.) Use Keywords much preferred, for example: Tips, Tricks, Make Money Online, SEO, Health, etc ..
9.) Use GMAIL and sign up for Adsense (be sure to sign up has never been Used before Adsense). Then go to Google adsense to register ( Submit your blog address for review by Google adsense team, Use your true identity do not fake it, play with clean
10.)Keep updating your blog at least one post per day.
11.) Do not Forget to Pray.
And try to avoid the following:

Please consider below points before applying for adsense through blog

##. Site under construction.
##. Not Enough pages.
##. Not Enough traffic.
##. That site does not comply with policy.

Get a approved google adsense account Using Flixya

What is flixya?

– Share your favorite videos, upload photos or start a blog.
– Create a profile, make friends and earn income online.
– Relevant ads are placed around the content you upload and share.
– You keep 100% of all ad revenue generated by your content.
– Flixya pays you through the Google Adsense publisher program.
1.) Go to the it is a..
2.) Register your account with Flixya (See image below).
3.) At step 2 you can see Following screen, enter proper details like Email on Which You Want to open Adsense Account. Prefer Gmail if you then its better.
4.) After Sign-Up verify your email address and you flixya account have been created.
5.) Now its time to apply for Google adsense account .Click on monetize just below Home(See image below).
6.)For applying adsense you must have upload at least 10 articles so upload 10 articles(See image below) and then apply for your adsense account.
7.)After applying your request will be reviewed by google and if it approved than you will get id like…… ca-pub-696425456656565
8.)Do not Forget to Pray :D.

Get a approved google adsense account Using Docstoc

What is Docstoc?

Docstoc provide a platform to upload and share documents all over the world .You can also purchase document from doctsoc.You can earn from yoy content that you will upload .
To know more about docstoc you can visit
1.)Go to docstoc and register your self .You can register using you facebook id too(See image below).
2.)After creating account upload some documents to it .You can get some documents easily on google or you can also upload your study materials as i do at least upload 23 to 30 documents before applying for adsense.
3.)Now its time to sign in for adsense .Go to image below).
4.)You will get email from google .Google provide you link just go to that link and sign up .(See image below).
5.)Do not Forget to Pray :D.

Get a approved google adsense account Using indyarocks.

Indyarocks is a social networking community which provide multimedia content to the end can upload photos and wirte blogs in it .
1.)Go to the site and click Sign up(See image below).
2.)After sign up complete you profile at least 60 % before applying for adsense.To complete your account you can upload your profile images to it(at least 10 images).
3.)Now go Media > Blogs > Write Blogs and write minimum 2 articles with 250+ words.You can easily get some articles from google.
4.)Now its time to sign up for adsense so visit the below link.
5.)You will get email from google .Click on the link that will provide by google and fill the form and wait 2 to 3 days you account get approved.
6.)You can check your status on indyarocks(See image below).
7.)Last and important step don’t forget pray.

Please consider below points

Note 1:Please choose only one method for one email.
Note 2:More methods will add soon so subscribe it.

I hope you like my this post if you have any query please leave¬† comments in below comment section and don’t forget to subscribe and like my blog .

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