How To Change Hard Drive Icon In Window Seven


Windows users always want to customize there window theme so if your are bored with your hard drive icon than you can change your hard drive icon in window seven and also in window vista .I will show you three methods of changing your hard drive icons so let see how to that.

Using Freeware Utility

This method is the most simplest method you have to only browse the icon in utility and click apply .This utility made by Leelu software .So let see……

1.) Download this utility [ Direct Link ]

2.)After Downloading the utility unzip it and run it .

3.)Now click on Folder icon and browse the icon .After Selecting the icon click open. (See image below).

4.)Finally click Apply.(See image below).

Using Registry

This is another method to change the drive icon so let see………

1.)Go to Run in location box type regedit and open registry editor (See image below).

2.)Now in registry editor go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Applications

Now check is there any explorer.exe in applications if not then create a new one by right clicking on Applications (Right click -> New -> Key) (See image below)

Now give your newly created folder a name Explorer.exe(See image below).

3.)Now Right Click on Explorer.exe and create a new key called Drives and then again Right Click on Drives and create a new key called C and then again Right click on C and create a new key called DefaultIcon(See image below).

4.)In right side panel double click on Default and Enter your path of icon (See image below).

Your icon changed sucessfully.

Using AutoRun.inf

This method is also so simple you can also use this method to add drive icon to external devices.I am also going to add icon to my external device like USB.The same procedure can be applied for the hard drive.So let see…….

1.)You can see Default icon of my USB (See image below)

2.)Go to Run and in location box typeNotepad and click ok (See image below).

3.)In notepad type
[autorun] icon=”Name of your image.ico”

and save your notepad in your USB by name autorun.inf with your image (See image below).

5.)Now eject your USB and plugin again and your icon added successfully.(See image below).

Note:If you apply this method for hard disk then you have to restart your computer

Download Wooden drives icon from


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