Tweaking Google Chrome For Very High Speed


How To Speed Up Google Chrome

We already know that google chrome is very high speed browser that doesn’t need any more tweaks but there are some tweaks that speed up your google chrome .So with the help of this tweak you can browse at blazing speed.

1.)Clean Up Browser

When you browse website the data of website are also store on local storage on your local disk .So after a some time cache size increase and browser start hanging and your browsing speed decreases . So it is necessary to Clean up browser history and files.

2.)Use Basic Theme

Many people customize the Google chrome like applying theme (How to apply theme).So  due to customization of chrome browser can also slow down your browser load time .If you have applied any theme to your browser then i will recommend you to use basic theme for chrome for high performance.

3.) Update chrome

New version of product also have more features in it so it will highly recommend to you always update your chrome.Google chrome checked updates automatically if there any updates available chrome notify you but if you want to this manually you can do this by clicking on wrench icon and then click on about Google chrome .A window is pop up that is check for updates automatically(see images below).

4.) Disable unwanted function’s

In Google chrome there are lots of unwanted function like javascript , java and unwanted extension you can manage all this function according to you.To do so click on wrench icon on Google chrome right hand side on the top of your chrome browser.

Click on wrench icon then click on option(See image below)

After that click on Under the hoodthan click on Content setting(See image below.)

A window will pop up then set these parameters according to your needs (see image below).

A.)If you have slow internet then you can choose the Don’t show images to browse faster.
B.)You can also choose to Don’t allow javascript runs on your browser to browse fast
C.)Disable unwanted plugins or completely remove them if you don’t need them because each plugins take some amount of memory which can effect your browsing.
D.)Choose Do not allow pop up it prevent you from pop up ads

You may also have to look my huge guide of How To Tweak Mozilla Firefox .    I hope you like my this post if you have any query please leave  comments in below comment section and don’t forget to subscribe and like my blog .

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