Change Pendrive Background In Window XP


Window XP is one of the best windows version developed by the Microsoft ,it is very stable and people love to play with it, one trick is that you can also change the background wallpaper in windows xp , you can apply any kind of wallpaper to the background so whenever you attach your pen drive to the system and open it then it would show your background wallpaper , to understand more what i am talking about see the below picture ,how actually it looks like.

if you also want to change the background of your pen drive then follow the below steps.

1.) Open Notepad and copy the below code in notepad and change your image.jpg by the name of the your image and then save as it Desktop.ini .

IconArea_Image=Folder Settings\your image.jpg

PersistMoniker=file://Folder Settings\Folder.htt

See the below image to know more how to save the file correctly so there would be no error in future.

change the pen drive background

2.) After saving it create a new folder with name Folder Settings and place your image file in that folder the file name should be the same as you have changed in the above text.if you can’t able to follow all the steps then i already created all these files you just have to extract these files in pen drive,So just downloaded the all files from the below link and after extracting just re plugged your pen drive and you will see that that background of your pen drive is changed.

If you want to use your own wallpaper then add your wallpaper in folder with name Folder Setting’s and change the image name from tripod.jpg to your image name in Desktop.ini file.So that’s all i hope you like my this post if you have any query related to this post please leave a comment below in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe my blog and social networking pages.

1.) This trick only works in windows XP.

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