How To Create Con Folder In Windows


Did you ever try to make a folder with name “con” in windows and you will found that you can’t create folder as you create others folder.So the question now arises why we can’t able to create that folder .The answer of this because “con” was basically use in old DOS versions for “Console” and now you will ask me then how to create this folder than let see how to do that…..

Step 1: First open the CMD (command prompt) (Winkey+R) .

Step 2: Now in CMD write..

md \\.\d:\con

Meaning of DOS commands

md = Make directory.
d: = Drive icon.

If you want to remove this folder write

rd \\.\d:\con

If can’t able to delete the undeletable file check out this post for deleting such folders and files .

You can also create a folder named “prn”, “nul” “com1″ “com2″ “lpt1″ etc.

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