How To Create Multiple Profile In Mozilla Firefox


Mozilla firefox is one of the most used browser all over the world.Today i will show how to create multiple profile in firefox as we can do in google new version.Creating multiple profile in firefox little bit difficult then creating multiple profile in google chrome.Creating multiple profile in firefox not a inbuilt function like as in google chrome but we can do it using a command.Last time i showed you how to create multiple profile in google chrome beta today i will show you how to create it in firefox.So let see how to do that.

1.)Go to Run (WinKey+R) then in location box of  Run write firefox -no-remote -P (See image below).

2.)Now a window will pop up on that window click on Create Profile and then another window will pop up on it click on Next .You can also unchecked don’t ask at start up it will ask you profile from which you want to login at start up of firefox.

3.)After click Next enter the name of your profile in location box (See image below) and click on finish button.

That’s it now you have created multiple profile in Mozilla Firefox successfully.While comparisons between Google chrome and Firefox multiple profile we will find that creating google chrome profile is lot more easier than firefox.

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