How To Delete Facebook Messages


Facebook is most popular social networking website .Its have lots of future some people don’t know about it and some don’t know how to find it.In today tutorial i will going to tell you one hidden future of the Facebook .When some time you send a wrong message to people you wish to delete it i will show you how to delete that message.So you just need follow some simple steps .

1.)Go to Messages and then open the conversation of that specific person (See image below).

2.)After opening the conversation go to Action and then click on Delete Messages (See image below).

3.)A check box will appear in front of every messages .If you want to delete selected Facebook messages then check that messages and then click on deleted selected messages(See image below).

That it bingo you are successful to deleted selected messages.In similar way you can also forward the selected messages to your friends ,in Action click on Forward instead of Deleted for forwarding the message.That all about for today hope you all like my post , if you have any query please do leave a comment in below comment section.

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  1. i cant get this to work for me?

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