How To Save WebPage As PDF In Mozilla Firefox


Last time i show you how to create multiple profile in Mozilla Firefox. Today i show you how to save a web page as a PDF.When you visit any website and you like any information on it.You will most probably like to bookmark that page so that you can read later it.Now today i will show you another method by it you can able to download the web page that you like as PDF format.

It is very easy you just need to install a ADD ON of Firefox.By installing it you will never ever Save As your page in HTML form .It is an excellent ADD ON of Firefox It will places a button on your toolbar just click it to save the current page as a PDF.SO let see how to get it and use it to get Web page as PDF.

1.)Go to  and then click on Add To Firefox .

2.)Now your add on will start downloading after downloading restart your Firefox.

3.You will see a button on your toolbar click on that button and the web page that is currently active will convert to PDF.

I tried many ADD ON of Firefox to convert web page to PDF but none of them is good as Save As PDF it gives very high quality PDF .

That’s it hope you will like my post.

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