Use Facebook Profile Picture As a Chat Icon


Today i will show you how to send Facebook profile pic as a chat icon to your friends in chat.You can amaze your friends by doing this and it is so easy to do so let see how to do this.

You can put any profile pic or even you can also put a page icon too.So are you ready to amaze your friends by adding his/her profile pic as a chat icon in the chat box.So let see how to do that.

1.) Go to any page or any of your friends profile pic and copy the username of that profile pic or page (See image below).

Copy the username of the profile pic as you can seen in above image .If there is some number given instead of the username than copy that number.

2.) Now in Chat box paste this username or userid in between double square brackets like.

For more clear see image below.

That’s it hope all of you like my post ,if you have any query please leave comment in comment section¬† and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog .I will keep posting unique tutorials and stuff and If you enjoy like my posting share and subscribe to me .

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