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How To Open UnKnown Extenstion Files

In today tutorial i will showed you how to opened a unknown extension files.If you are a new user or you don’t have any knowledge about extension then you may encounter this problem of how to open a unknown extension files.So i will showed you in today tutorial how to tackle this problem. Open File Using Right Click If you know the extension of the file then right click on the file and click onContinue Reading

How To Create Your Own Troll Pics

In today tutorial i will showed you how to create facebook troll pics.If you are a facebook user you must seen some funny troll pics or we can also called it memes.See the image below and you will understand what i am saying , i hope you have seen this on  facebook . So these face in the pics are the troll faces i showed you how to create the troll faces online.So to createContinue Reading

How To Send Free SMS With Gmail

In today tutorial i will going tell about the new SMS services started by can easily send SMS to any one in the world to any mobile which is supported mobile operators for SMS Chat in Gmail.It is very easy to send a SMS using it you just need to enter the number and type your message and hit enter. SMS Credit In Chat SMS credit is an allocation of SMS (text messages) thatContinue Reading

How To Create An Invisible Folder In Window 7

Last time in my tutorial i told you about all time window 7 great shortcuts . In today tutorial i show you how to create an invisible folder.Most of the time we required to hide our files and to that we would like to purchase software.In today tutorial i will show you how to made an invisible folder in window 7 without any software.It will keep your data safe and secure only you will knowContinue Reading

How To Reset Firefox Setting To Default

In my last tutorial i showed you how to save any web page as a PDF file . Mozilla Firefox is the most popular browser all over the world it is available on all major platform like Linux,Window and Mac.It is fully customizable people customize according to there needs but if some time some things goes wrong.It is difficult to deal with it .It crashes many time or it will take more time to loadContinue Reading

How To Save Webpage As PDF In Any browser

Few day ago in my tutorial i told you about how to save any web page as PDF file in mozilla Firefox.Today in my tutorial i will going to tell you how to save any web page as PDF in any web browser. It s very easy and simple method it take only few seconds to save a webpage as PDF.This method is tested in almost every browser and ts working fine so you canContinue Reading

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