How To Create Your Own Troll Pics


In today tutorial i will showed you how to create facebook troll pics.If you are a facebook user you must seen some funny troll pics or we can also called it memes.See the image below and you will understand what i am saying , i hope you have seen this on  facebook .

So these face in the pics are the troll faces i showed you how to create the troll faces online.So to create troll faces go to below website.
It is a comic editor having ready made troll faces in all their possible expressions that you can directly add to your comic strip. There are different categories of troll faces to choose from – Happy, Sad, Surprised, Focused, Laughing, and much more. The pencil tool is also available to make custom line drawings, and the textbox lets you add texts to your comics. You can also add more panels to your comic strip should you need them. The interface is elaborate and is self explanatory.

So i will recommend you to give it a try.I hope you will like my post and keep visiting my blog and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you have any query or suggestion please leave a comment in the comment box.

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