How To Open UnKnown Extenstion Files


In today tutorial i will showed you how to opened a unknown extension files.If you are a new user or you don’t have any knowledge about extension then you may encounter this problem of how to open a unknown extension files.So i will showed you in today tutorial how to tackle this problem.

Open Unknown Extension Files

Open File Using Right Click

If you know the extension of the file then right click on the file and click on Open With and in a new window choose the program by which your file will opened.See the image below.I have an image file i will right click on it and i will go to Open With and choose the program.

If no option are available in Open With then click on Choose Default Program and browse the installed programs.For an example suppose that there is no option available in Open with to view image.Then i clicked on Choose from default program and browse the installed program.See below image for more clearance.

Now in opened window you can see that Recommend programs as well as other programs. You can either choose from recommend programs or you can also choose from it other programs.But still if you want to open it the image with some other app you then click on Browse button and choose some other installed apps.

If you clicked on the Browse button then choose the default app from the installed apps in program files .That’s how you can easily opened a unknown extension files.

Let’s suppose if you don’t know the extension of the file then what will you like to do.In that case search for that extension in the following two sites.
I will recommend you these two sites on that you can know the extension of your files as well as the program associated with it.

So now next time you encounter any unknown file extension you can handle it easily.Hope you like my post.Subscribe to my blog updates.

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