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Today i will show you how to create fake chat conversation easily.So you need a Google chrome web browser or mozilla firefox .Now open up the chat in full screen window See below image which not edited.

This pic is not edited now we select one specific message that we want to edited so right click on that message and click on Inspect element (See below image) .

Now a new window will pop up below now right click on that message and click on Edit As HTML (See below image).

After that edit your message once edited close that pop up window and take a snap of that edited image and do prank with your friends you can also create fake message between girl and boy and shown to your friends i hope u got it what i am saying :D.So this is all about.

Remember after editing the message don’t refresh your page if you do every thing would gone because this is temporary not permanent

Seen below final edited image that i did.This editing is temporary so don’t refresh the page after editing.

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  1. Thanks for the great tip. I found one more link useful to generate fake conversation here:

    Fake Facebook conversation

    I guess this will be helpful for all over here.

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