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Most of the people used Mozilla Firefox as there primary web browser ,i also liked it in my last post i show you how to tweak your Firefox to open search result in a new tab.Today in my post i show you some handy tips that can save your lot of time.When you type some thing in address bar a drop down list will appear with some websites name including your history and bookmark website so i show you how to type some thing address bar and get you’re desired result fast.So let see what these tips are.

To Only Search Your Bookmarks

It is really handy tip that you can find your bookmark directly from address bar but some time your search also included your history so what to do to only search in your bookmarks from address bar.

1.) Type simple * sign in address bar location and you will see the list of recent bookmarks (See below image).

if you want to search a specific bookmark page then you have to write some words related to your query after *

Remember to leave a space after * sign

If you don’t include space between your words and * then you would not get your desired result.

Only Search In Your History

You can also search only your history to only search your history you have to use this symbol ^ , enter this in your address bar and you see a list of recent history (See image bellow).

Same apply to this if you want to look at specific history pages then you have to enter something after ^ like this ^ some words for specific search (See below image).

you must remember to include space between symbol and your words if you don’t do that you would not get your desired result.

How To Find any Open Tab In Firefox

Many times you have so many open tabs in that case its really time consuming to find tab which you’re looking for so in that some method should be there that aid us to find easily Open let see how to do that

Enter % symbol in the address bar and you will se list of open tab .You can easily switch to any tab by just clicking on it (See below image).

That’s it i hope you will like my post and you can also check my last post on Firefox tweaking to open search bar result in a new Tab ,keep visiting my blog i will soon add more quality post.

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