How To Open Search Results From Firefox Search Bar In New Tab


So It was so long when i last post tweaking mozilla Firefox for high speed .Today in my post i show you one more way to tweak Firefox , this tweak to open your search bar result in new tab by default search bar result open in same tab.So without wasting time let see how to do that.

1.)First in Address bar enter about:config and hit enter.If any message appear like that you will be careful then click on that message(see below image).

2.)Now you are in the setting page of Firefox.Search in the search location box(See image below).

3.)Now Right click and click on Toggle (See image below).

4.)That’s it now go to search location bar and try it you’re search will open in new tab.I Hope you like my post.If you use Google Chrome as your second web browser you can look at my post of how to tweak Google Chrome for high speed.

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