Schedule Your Facebook Status


In my last tutorials i show how to see which friends of your is online on facebook when your offline .In today tutorial i will show how to schedule your facebook status.Facebook is the most famous social networking website around the world and people post there status so frequently when they go some where outside or do some thing people also do update there status through mobile but some people’s don’t have this facility so i will show them how to schedule there status suppose when they are going to watch movie then in that case they can schedule there posts.So let see how to this..

Schedule Your Facebook Status

To schedule facebook status we will use a website which will post on behalf of you.So go to the below website.


Now on that click on the allow button to access the website your basic information this website is a app of facebook and million of people use it every day so don’t worry it trust worthy to use it.Follow below steps

1.)Click on the Go To App you will redirect to page see below image.

Schedule Your Facebook Status

2.)Now click on Allow to allow app to use your basic information and after that you will redirect to a new page .

Schedule Your Facebook Status

3.)In this page choose free and click on Go To Postcorn and you will redirect to new page where you will ask to enter your time zone .

Schedule Your Facebook Status

4.)In this page choose your time zone according to your time zone your post will schedule so choose correct one.

Schedule Your Facebook Status

5.)Now finally write your status and click on Schedule to delay your status.

That’s it i hope you will like my post and you can also you this app to schedule your pages posts and you can also added photo and link in your posts i hope you will like my posts you can also look at my other posts like to share your window screen online without use of any software  .

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