How To Copy Text And Images From A Secured PDF File


In my last tutorial i shown you how to integrate facebook messenger to firefox in today tutorial i will show you how to copy text and images from secured PDF documents as we all know that it is not possible to copy the text and images from digital signed secured PDF to copy the text .If you remember last time i shown you how you can create your own PDF with Microsoft word and how to signed it so once it signed and secured its a bit difficult to copy the text and images from it so lets see how to copy the text and images from it the whole process just take your few minutes so let see how to do that..

1.) Take your secured PDF file from whom you want to copy the text and images , after that go to the site see the below images how site look like.

2.) Now as you can seen in the image above it have clearly written that you don’t required any registration and installation just go to the site upload your secured PDF file and then click on send file button.Your PDF file start processing an you will get a simplified text and images extract from the your secured PDF file.See below video how i am doing all the process.

I hope it will easy for you to follow all my steps through video you can also look at video tutorial that i made in my spare time you can also look at my other tutorial regarding PDF in which i had shown how saved web page as PDF work in all types of browsers I hope you like my post keep visiting my blog for more tutorials and tips if yu have any query do comment.

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