How To Extract/Copy Text From Image


In my last tutorial i shown you how to extract or copy text and images from PDF file now in this tutorial i will show you how to extract or copy text from images it is very easy the concept of extracting text and images are based upon OCR (Optical character recognition) some time you need it to copy the text from images so i will show two methods using both the methods you can extract the characters from the image.Let see out first method in our first method i will show how to copy or extract text from from images using online website , there are various website available but i will show which i found most good all of them so let see..

Extracting/copying text from images using online websites

You don’t need to worry its all free to use these website and not a single website required registration so it is very easy process.So let see

1.) Go to the site now in site you can see the option to upload a image the click on Browse button and upload the image or you can also upload the image using the link of any image that is uploaded on the web.

How To Extract/Copy Text From Image

2.)After that click on Preview button now you have to select the area from where you want extract or copy the text and the finally click on OCR button.

How To Extract/Copy Text From Image

So as you can se in the above image that the text from the images is extracted now there various option that what you want to do with the text simply copy it or you want to download or many other options.I am giving below the list of websites that you can use to extract images.

I hope you will find my this method so easy now talking let see our next method.

Extracting/copying text from images using Microsoft OneNote

This method is also so easy and also doesn’t required any excellent knowledge of using it to use this you are required to have Microsoft office install on your PC So let see how to extract these

1.) Open OneNote am using the 2013 edition so after opening it drag your image from which you want to copy or extract the text .

How To Extract/Copy Text From Image

Now finally to extract text right click on the image and click on Copy text from image that it now you text is copied now you can use this text so i hope you will also like this method the only demerit of this method is that some time it won’t work properly.I hope you like my post and nw you have choice to which method do you want use so feel free to do comment if you have nay query and also don’t forget to share the post

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