Start Menu Button For Window 8


I hope you are tried window 8 till now if not then you should give it a try it is light and more faster than the window 7 OS so i am using window 8 but it lack start menu button window 8 mainly design for touch screen devices.So if you are missing the start button for window 8 let see how to get it back in window 8.There are many software’s that give you this facilities then let see each utilities.

Start menu button for window 8 using Power8

Download Power8 from here after downloading install the application.After installing the application you will able to see the start menu button.I tried this app let me tell its pros and cons.
it is very easy to install it and it looks also great after installing it you can also see below a screen shot of it.

Start Menu Button For Window 8

It take 35MB space of your that make it little bit bulky after installing it my computer after few minutes get restarted thank god nothing happen to my this post it get automatically saved but after restart of my computer i could not seen the start menu button let see other app but you can also look at there project and contribute in coding if you are programer.Now let see our next application that we can use to get back start menu for window 8.One more thing that i want tell you that you can uninstall this app easily

Start menu button for window 8 using Pokki

Pokki is another application that we use to bring back start menu button for window 8.So you can download this application from
so download there installer after that that installer will download start menu for you .some it feature i am giving below as per there website.

1.)Search for apps, control panels, and files.
2.)Add your favorite apps, sites, files and folders for quick access.
3.)Boot to the desktop and skip the Windows 8 Start Screen.
4.)Disable Windows 8 hot corners on the desktop and more.
5.)Get free apps and games from the included Pokki App Store.

you can also look at below how it look like after installing they have there own apps to you can try it to .

Start Menu Button For Window 8

after installing i see it take 24MB space so it is more good as compare to the power8 application in compare of the amount of space it take also it is more in comparison with above app you can choose this one.On striking feature of this app that you can see live notification of facebook ,gmail and many other app of pokki start let see our next app which we can use to bring back the start menu button to our window 8 app.

Start menu button for window 8 using StartMenu8 app

You can download startmenu8 app from here download it and after install it the size of the app is just 3.24MB in size so less as compare to the above two app.You can also see below how it look like.

Start Menu Button For Window 8

I installed it on my computer and it look exact like we have in our in our window 7 operating system.The most striking feature of this app it just take 6MB space of your ram so it far more good than above two in comparative of space.So give it try if you just looking for start menu.

Start menu button for window 8 using windows8startbutton app

This our final app by using it you can get back your old start menu button for window 8 this app developed by windows8startbutton ,you can download this app from the this website download this app .See below image how it look.

Start Menu Button For Window 8

i download this app it take little bit time to download this app after downloading this a gift that u also a browser šŸ˜› but let come on point start menu looks good and compact than others start menu it also give feel of window vista start menu button.the most good feature about this is that it take only 2MB space of ram.So i say you must try this app.

I tried all four application i like last two most because it is simple and fast and take less space but if you want more good interface and graphics you can go for 2 , this all apps are absolutely free hope you like this post

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