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Manage And Set Admin Roles For Facebook Pages

Recently  facebook launch a new feature for facebook called open graph search , this is advanced search engine for facebook that lets people to do advanced search on facebook as we search in Google or and other search engine and Few months ago facebook also launch a feature for facebook pages , using this feature you can add more people for admins role to your page.This features help a lot to the peoples who haveContinue Reading

Watch YouTube Videos Without Lag On Firefox

Watching videos on youtube on low bandwidth is so much annoying we have to wait for complete buffering but when we have sufficient bandwidth and videos on youtube lag we put blame to youtube for there service but that’s not true , the main reason behind the lag of youtube videos is the Firefox web browser we are using.There is no doubt about how great firefox web browser is but some time we need toContinue Reading

Two Hidden YouTube Secrets

Every one of us love to watch videos on youtube , youtube contains tons of videos that we will not able to watch it completely in our life .I have my own youtube channel on which contained many video tutorials.The biggest problem that youtube user face that they don’t know how to upload video more than 15 min on youtube , but it really doesn’t required in the beginning .Some features that youtube doesn’t provideContinue Reading

How To Check Your Laptop Temperature

Last time i shown you how to connect laptop from mobile to laptop ,today i will show you how laptop become unresponsiveness .If you have a laptop then you may some time notice that your laptop get heated so much and become unresponsiveness, in that situation it is better to shutdown or turn off your laptop if you don’t do this it will happen automatically .So whenever laptop get heated so much it automatically turnContinue Reading

List Of Window 8 Shortcuts Commands

Have you tried window 8 ? if not i will recommend you to go for window 8 it is more stable and better than window 7 .Window 8 is much faster than window 7 ,you can do work more faster on window 8 if you know the shortcuts of window 8.Some shortcuts are same as on previous on window like opening RUN and many other window 8 shortcuts are added to it also. Windows keyContinue Reading

How To Download YouTube Video And YouTube Music In Mozilla Firefox

YouTube used by every one all over the world it is the most famous video directory website where you find lots of videos , i my self created many video tutorials so all of us use it but youtube doesn’t provide many important functionality like how to stop youtube videos from auto playing in browser and how to zoom youtube videos ,Similarly youtube doesn’t allow us to download youtube video or youtube music we haveContinue Reading

How To Stop People From Tagging You In Photos On Facebook

In last of my few tech tutorial i tell you about facebook and how to manage your facebook account like i tell how to go online for selected people on facebook and same time remain offline for selected people similar to this in this tutorial i will show you how not to allow to people to tag you on there photo’s when you have so many friends on facebook on then its become difficult toContinue Reading

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