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In my last tech tutorials i show you how to stop people from tagging you on facebook ,in today tech tutorial i will show you how to customize facebook . Facebook is popular social networking website but it doesn’t provide customization like twitter provide , in twitter you can change the background while you can’t do these in facebook so in my today tech tutorial i wills show you how to change facebook skin/layout/theme .If you don’t understand my words see below pic what i am saying because pic speak more than text..

Black Facbook Theme

In the above as you can see my profile page of facebook is completely different from facebook default style/theme/layout/skin .I know you wanna try these facebook theme ,but guide to apply these facebook theme to your facebook depend upon your browser’s.So lets see how to apply this facebook theme to Mozilla Firefox.

Applying Facebook Theme In Mozilla Firefox

So to apply this facebook theme you need to install Greasemonkey ,to install this theme click on below link

A new page will open and in that page click on Add To Firefox ,greasemonkey start downloading and after that you will see a pop up to install it click on install it,see below pic

After that restart your firefox ,to completely installed greasemonkey.So after that go to below link.

After click on the above link you will redirect to page where you have to click on Install

Now a small window will pop up and then click on Install , and now go to facebook and see your new facebook theme.

Ok now who don’t want to mess up with in all above steps can directly installed facebook themes/style from firefox add on that i created you can download this add on from the below link.


That’s it now go to facebook you will see new facebook theme style..Follow below instruction for Google chrome.

Applying Facebook Theme In Google Chrome

So let see how to apply this black facebook theme to Google chrome , procedure is almost same but greasemonkey is not available on Google chrome instead of that we use Tampermonkey

so go to below link and install tampermonkey on Google chrome

To install it click on Added to chrome and then Click on below link and then click on Install similar as i shown in procedure for firefox.

That’s it now your facebook theme is installed now go to your facebook and enjoy new black facebook theme.

Applying Facebook Theme In Opera

There is no such greasemonkey,Tampermonkey and anything thing similar to like this is available on opera so we have to manually installed our black facebook theme to opera to do that,download the file from below link ,and using winrar extract these files to desktop.


After extracting on desktop you have a folder now in opera go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content>JavaScript Option and select that folder that’s it and now you can go to your facebook profile and enjoy your black facebook theme.I hope you like my this post you can also look at my other post like how to go offline for specific person and how to hide your facebook status from specific status.If you have any query regarding this tech tutorial you can leave a comment and don;t forget to subscribe to my blog.

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