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In my last tutorial on facebook privacy i told you how to hide your facebook status from certain people similar to previous tutorial in this tutorial i show you how to go offline on facebook chat for certain people , its a great option in which you will be seen offline by your some friends and for some friends you will be seen online similarly to this i shown you how to see who is online without going to online on facebook.So lets we see how to go offline on facebook for some friends

1.)Open chat box of that person for whom you want to go offline seen below , i open chat box for the person whom i want to go offline.Now above on that chat box you will see a wrench icon for setting ,click that wrench icon and click on Turn off chat for your friend name .

2.)After that you will be offline for your friend and you also can’t see is your friend online or not.In that case you have to follow my above tutorial that i describe above in introduction.

3.)So how to go online for that specific friend whom you go offline in that case.Click on the wrench icon seen below and then click on Advanced setting’s.

After that a box will pop where you see some your friends name for whom your are offline so to go online for them click on cross besides there name that’s it.

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