How To Download YouTube Video And YouTube Music In Mozilla Firefox


YouTube used by every one all over the world it is the most famous video directory website where you find lots of videos , i my self created many video tutorials so all of us use it but youtube doesn’t provide many important functionality like how to stop youtube videos from auto playing in browser and how to zoom youtube videos ,Similarly youtube doesn’t allow us to download youtube video or youtube music we have to use third party websites or tools to download youtube videos and music like youtube music online but this required lot of steps to download youtube videos or music so in today tech tutorial i will show you more easy way to download youtube music and youtube videos.
So lets see how to download youtube video or youtube music in Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla firefox is one of the most widely used web browser and there are plenty of options available with firefox to download youtube videos and youtube music through it ,the most common option available is via addons , so go to below link and installed below addons.
How To Download YouTube Video And YouTube Music In Mozilla Firefox

Some features of this addons is that you can download (FLV, MP3, WebM, and 3GP) with video quality of your choice.

After installing you will see youtube icon on your Mozilla firefox see below image.

Now go to any youtube video that you want to download and click on that youtube icon it will start downloading your youtube video and after downloading your video it will also extract youtube music/audio from it and after completion a folder which contain both the video and music files will pop up .

To change video quality and other option go to Tools->Addons or use CTRL+SHIFT+A shortcut and then there you can change the setting’s or if you want to remove this you can these too.. see below image

I hope you like my this post and you can also look at my other post like how to upload video more than 15 min in youtube .

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  1. Thanks a lot! I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but you can also do the same action without any add-ons. I’m using a program that’s called Torch browser and it really makes the downloading part much easy! I made a video about how to use it, check it out if you want:

  2. Thanks! This is the best YouTube downloader out there. I also like the fact that it extracts audio files too. Nice tool to have.

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