How To Hide Facebook Friend List From Public


facebook is most famous social networking website then other so it necessary to maintain your facebook account or similarly if your are using twitter account then you should maintain it.In this tech tutorial i will show you how to hide your friends list from public so no one can see how many friends you have so it give more privacy to your facebook account.
So let see how hide your facebook friend list from public in new facebook interface.
Facebook time to time do changes to its interface so as per new facebook new interface this tutorial a follows.See below instructions

1.)Open your facebook account go to profile page,See below image of my profile page and then click on the Friends. You will be redirected to a new page.

2.)Now in this new page you see your all friends ,you will also see a bar on top with Edit option now click on that edit option.

3.)A small box will pop up in that pop up change your setting according to your needs that how you will able to hide you facebook profile from public see below image

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