How To Reset Opera Setting To Default


Opera is one of the most widely used web browser all over world but some time when you change setting’s of opera and every thing gone mess up and you don’t know what to do in that case either you will install your opera again or leave opera to switch some other browser like firefox or google chrome so in this tutorial i will show you how to restore/reset opera default setting’s these option also available in firefox where you completely reset firefox to its default setting’s but in opera setting’s are not reset/restore completely ,let see how to reset opera setting’s to its default

1.)Open your opera web browser and then in the location box type about:opera and hit Enter see below image.

How To Reset Opera Setting To Default

2.)Information about opera will displayed check the path of Preferences and copy the path up to opera folder and after that close opera see below image for more information.

How To Reset Opera Setting To Default

3.)Now Open Run by shortcut Winkey+R or you can search it and then in the location box paste the path that you copied (See below image fore more information).

How To Reset Opera Setting To Default

4.)Now in that folder search for operaprefs and delete it .

How To Reset Opera Setting To Default

5.)That’s it now open your opera web browser almost all setting’s are can also look at my other post of how to stop youtube video’s from auto playing in opera .I hope you like my post keep visiting my blog and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you have any query feel free to ask.

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  1. my opera browser is not opening. how to restart.please suggest

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