How To Upload Video More Than 15min In Youtube


YouTube is most popular video browsing social networking site where people can access a huge database of youtube videos and all of we know about it ,one fact about youtube is we required more thank 100 years to watch all the videos on youtube.Most of us also upload video’s on youtube if you created new account then you’re only eligible to upload videos up to 15min ,but once your youtube account become older and you also getting views on your youtube videos then youtube will extend you are eligibility to upload videos more than 15 min but some time it don’t do automatically in that case we have to verify our account so as to get more additional features from youtube included the time limit of the video so now i am going to show you how to upload the video more than 15 min.

Log in youtube account then go to now in this page you will see a option of Unlimited uploads is not enable and also many other additional features of youtube are not enable like Content ID Appeals to appeal against the content dispute so to enabled all these features click on either enable or click on Verify to verify your account see below image that your account is not verified.

So consequence of not verified account is that you have limits on the length of the video to upload see below.

so too removed the limits click on the either enable or verify then you will redirect to a new page where you have have to choose a method of verification as i choose SMS method see below image

After that Google will send you a verification code now enter that code to verify your youtube account so limit on the length of youtube video will be left an you will now able to upload video of more than of 15min in times ,see below image.

you can also look at my other post in which i shown how to play youtube videos in VLC media player and how you can zoom the videos in VLC media player¬† .That’ it i hope you like my this post so don’t forget to share the post and subscribe to my blog if you have any query you can leave a comment for me.

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