Move Facebook Photos From One Album To Another


Facebook is the world most social networking website but all the facebook tips is still not known to people like we can send multiple images on facebook chat and many more similarly to this do you know how to transfer your one image from one album to another album yes we can do this now you will say why we need this features when we can delete the picture and upload again to new album but suppose that your previously uploaded picture containing likes and comments then you will think twice to delete that pic so in that case to move picture from one album to another album feature come into play.So let see how to do that.

1.)Go to your profile page and then go to your Profile page nd click on photos to go on the photo page,see image below.

2.)Now open your that album which contain your image that you want to move,see below image i am clicking on album that i want to open.

3.)Now in this page you will see all your images in that images but you need to click on Editbutton above ,as seen in below image.

4.)After clicking Edit button you will redirect to a new page where you see your all album pics .Now move you cursor to pic that you want to move you will a a little arrow on the top right corner of the image then click on that arrow and then choose move to other album

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