How To Stop People From Tagging You In Photos On Facebook


In last of my few tech tutorial i tell you about facebook and how to manage your facebook account like i tell how to go online for selected people on facebook and same time remain offline for selected people similar to this in this tutorial i will show you how not to allow to people to tag you on there photo’s when you have so many friends on facebook on then its become difficult to manage and comment on each tag photos¬† so its is better if you review it before your tag photos appear on your facebook timeline.So let see how to enabled review of photos tag before those photos appear on your time line.

Log in to your facebook account , then go to below link.

Now if you are not in timeline and tagging tab then go to that tab from right sidebar now on the left side you will see some setting’s option , now we just need to change some setting’s

How To Stop People From Tagging You In Photos On Facebook

Now as you can seen in the above image the arrow pointing towards to Edit so click on that and change its setting’s to enabled.

That ‘s it now each an every time if some one tag you you got a notification to approve the tag of the images if you don’t approve it the image will not shown on your timeline.You can review it on activity log as per new facebook interface you can check your activity log by on clicking setting button besides home button and then click on use activity log then you will redirect to page in that page on the right side click on the Time line review and then you can review your tag’s.

But if some one replied on the image you will get notification of there comments ,so in that case you have to unfollow the post to do these you have to open your tag image and below with the like button you will see a option to unfollow it.

That’s it i hope you like my post you can also see my other post related to facebook like how to hide your facebook status updates from specific people and how to move your facebook photos from one album to another album. If you have any query leave comment and don’t forget to subscribe my blog.

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