Two Hidden YouTube Secrets


Every one of us love to watch videos on youtube , youtube contains tons of videos that we will not able to watch it completely in our life .I have my own youtube channel on which contained many video tutorials.The biggest problem that youtube user face that they don’t know how to upload video more than 15 min on youtube , but it really doesn’t required in the beginning .Some features that youtube doesn’t provide like how to zoom youtube videos and some of the youtube features are hidden like previously i shown you a trick on how to download youtube video and youtube music from youtube and the some hidden youtube secrets are that you can change the youtube interface to larger black one ,so lets see all these features.

Large Black youtube Interface

This is completely different youtube interface from the standard youtube interface ,this interface is the youtube official interface.This interface is completely black.YouTube words about this interface are

YouTube XL is a version of YouTube optimized for watching YouTube videos on any large screen.

See below pic how new youtube interface of youtube look like.

So now you wanna try this OK so go to below link to try new youtube interface .

I hope you will enjoy this interface so much ,the benefits of this youtube interface that video appear much larger and one more benefits of this interface is that there will no ADS on this youtube interface.

Play snake Game On YouTube

Do you like to watch YouTube video after complete buffering or your internet connection is slow to watch youtube videos completely in one go?if you do so then youtube introduce a new feature for you on youtube that you can now play snake game on your video that are you watching .so while watching you have to wait till buffer completion of video in that mean time you can play snake game on that may be right now how it be look , so see below pic how it look.

So you have see the above pic the two arrow are there in the pic one arrow is pointed towards the snake and other arrow to dot, the snake need to eat that dot ,snake will grow after eating that dot if snake touch the border of the video the game will over .So now point is how to start this game on youtube to do that.

1.)Pause your video after some amount of buffering and take your video little back.

2.)Then Press LEFT and UP arrow key of your keyboard and enjoy the snake game as i shown in the figure

So i hope you enjoy this two hidden youtube secrets ,You can also look at my other post on how to stop youtube videos from auto playing in web browsers .if you have any query leave comment i love to answer and don’t forget to subscribe my blog.

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  1. That youtube interface can be seen in PlayStation 3 when you go to YouTube. I think it’s designed to Androids

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