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Watching videos on youtube on low bandwidth is so much annoying we have to wait for complete buffering but when we have sufficient bandwidth and videos on youtube lag we put blame to youtube for there service but that’s not true , the main reason behind the lag of youtube videos is the Firefox web browser we are using.There is no doubt about how great firefox web browser is but some time we need to tweak Mozilla firefox for very high speed , not only for browsing but also for loading of Firefox.So in this tutorial i will show a little tweak for firefox after the tweak you will able to watch youtube videos without lag on firefox.
But before doing tweak let me give you the info why firefox make youtube video lag.We know that when firefox crash or accidentally close , we can restored our all the tabs when next time we open the firefox.So firefox have a feature that store session of tabs on some interval of time but this time is very less , it around almost 15 seconds so that make video lag because tab on which we are watching the video will save on the interval of 15 seconds.So let see the solution how to watch video with lag on firefox.

1.)Open Firefox and in the address bar location type About:Config see below image.

Now if you see some warning then click on i will be careful ,see below image .

2.)After that in the search location type browser.sessionstore.interval , after finding it right clicking on it and choose modify .

3.)Change the value to from 15000 to 120000 this time in milliseconds so we are changing the 15 seconds to 2 minutes you can experiment with this value.

Now it saving the session in the 2 minutes instead of 15 seconds so by doing this video will not lag on youtube but browsing web pages may have some lag so if u feel it you can change the value to more lower .That’s it i hope you like my this post you can also look at my other post related to firefox like how to open search bar result into a new tab .If you have any query leave comment and don’t forget to like and subscribe to my blog.

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