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Tweaking Mozilla Firefox For Very High Speed Browsing

In the Last year i posted a post on how to speed up Mozilla Firefox for very high speed browsing this tweak are still valid for the Mozilla Firefox .In today tutorial i will show more tweak that you can do to tweak your Mozilla Firefox for very high speed browsing.So before look at these tweaks let me give a brief review about my last year post . 1.)To increase the browsing speed of theContinue Reading

How To Add Programs To Startup Folder In Window 8

In my last post i shown how to  speed up the computer by disabling the some startup programs but some time you need some important programs to run on start up , so in that case you remain that programs enable to start on window start up.But what will happen when some programs don’t have any option to run them on startup in that case you have to manually add those programs to run onContinue Reading

How To Make Facebook Profile Picture Not Clickable

In my the last post i shown you a trick by using that trick you can view or enlarge the not clickable facebook profile picture and also some days ago i shown you more security option that are provide by the facebook like hiding facebook friends list from the public  and another post on hide your facebook status from the certain people in today post i will show you one more security option that isContinue Reading

How To Speed Up Your Computer Ultimate Guide

Some time people get upset by the low performance of the computers ,computer start taking so much time in responding to your query ,suppose you want to open any folder the folder will open after 2 or 3 minutes.So there can be many factors that are behind to slow down your personal computers.Computers don’t maintain itself automatically ,actually you are the one who is responsible for slow down of your computers,you have to maintain yourContinue Reading

How To Enable GodMode In Window 8

My last post was about window 8 shortcuts ,that shortcuts will save your so much time if you gets your hands on them so i will highly recommend you to see that post.In today post i will show you how to enable godmode in window 8 before looking at the steps i must tell all the newbies what is a godmode. A godmode is folder or we can say that a shortcut look like aContinue Reading

Send Unlimited Message To Unknown People On Facebook

Last time i shown you how to apply facebook style or theme to your default facebook account .In today post i will show how to misuse some facebook feature to send unlimited message on facebook to unknown.Facebook is most popular social networking website ,some people are always try to find out loop holes in it , so people found a new loop hole in facebook or we can said that , we can misuse aContinue Reading

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