How To Add Programs To Startup Folder In Window 8


In my last post i shown how to  speed up the computer by disabling the some startup programs but some time you need some important programs to run on start up , so in that case you remain that programs enable to start on window start up.But what will happen when some programs don’t have any option to run them on startup in that case you have to manually add those programs to run on window startup .The process of adding programs to the window was quite easy on the earlier version on the windows but on the new version like window 8 it bit difficult to find window startup folder because Microsoft completely removed the start up Menu button from the windows 8 completely through you navigate to the startup folder.So lets see how we can add any program to window startup folder.

1.) First Step of the whole of our process to find the startup folder in window 8 , there are two ways two find the startup folder in window 8.Let see both the ways to find the startup folder in window 8.

2a) The first way to find the window 8 startup folder is to copy the below code and  change Username to the Username of your window folder then paste it in folder and hit Enter .

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

If you can’t get above procedure see below pics how to do it , first find the Username of the window find it in the Users folder see below pic

Now if i will change the above code my above code will become like the below code how it look

C:\Users\sanju\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Now copy above code and paste it in the folder and hit enter ,see below pic how it look .

So after hitting enter we will be in the startup folder this step is little bit lengthy and difficult then way that i going describing below.

2b)This way to reach the window startup folder is the most easy way, first open Run(Winkey+R) then in the location box type.


And then hit enter and your startup folder will open its quite easy then the above way,,also see the below pic

Now we have to enter programs to our startup folder let see how we do that ,see below in the 3rd step.

3.)Now we have to add program shortcut to window startup folder so that our program will run on window startup,see below pic how actually it look like.

4.)So now your program shortcut is in the window startup folder ,see below pic .In that pic you can also see that Task Manager showing the status of the program is Enabled .

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