How To Enable GodMode In Window 8


My last post was about window 8 shortcuts ,that shortcuts will save your so much time if you gets your hands on them so i will highly recommend you to see that post.In today post i will show you how to enable godmode in window 8 before looking at the steps i must tell all the newbies what is a godmode.

A godmode is folder or we can say that a shortcut look like a control panel icon which give you access to just about all of the controls, options and settings for the OS.

So let see how to enable godmode in window 8 , same steps you can also follow to enable godmode in window 7.

Just Create a simple folder on your desktop and then right click on it and choose Rename to your folder.Now copy the below code

Your folder name.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Change your folder name to the name of your folder ,see below pic.After entering the above code hit enter.

Now you godmode folder is ready ,it look like same as control panel icon.see below image.

Now double click that icon and open it you will see all the options,tools and settings at a single place that you see in the control panel in the different places.See below how it looks after opening the godmode folder.

That it i hope you like my post on how to enable godmode on window 8 you can also look at my other post related to window 8 like how to enable aero in window 8 and how to create window 8 tiles .If you have any query leave comment and don’t forget to subscribe my blog and share the post.

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