How To Make Facebook Profile Picture Not Clickable


In my the last post i shown you a trick by using that trick you can view or enlarge the not clickable facebook profile picture and also some days ago i shown you more security option that are provide by the facebook like hiding facebook friends list from the public¬† and another post on hide your facebook status from the certain people in today post i will show you one more security option that is provide by the facebook but most of us don’t know about ,this feature is to hide your profile picture from every one ,by that mean is you will be only able to open it and view it in large frame.Have your ever noticed that when you go to some one profile and try to open his Facebook profile page and suddenly you came to know that you can’t view it because it not click able so how to achieve this type of security on facebook let see.

1.)Go to your facebook account if your are not logged into your facebook account than first log into your facebook account.

2.)Now click on your facebook profile image your facebook profile picture will be open , after that you have to choose the security or we can say visibility of the image.

3.)So to choose the visibility of the image click on the wrench icon below your name ,see below pic.

4.)Now to make your facebook profile image not clickable ,you have to choose the Only Me option that make it not clickable and hence your facebook picture can’t be view by any one in the larger frames because pic is now not clickable.

Another thing you have to make sure that image is only not clickable for others but you can click on your image and view it in larger frames and you can also change setting’s later if you want.Notice one more point by doing this your are only hiding one picture not the whole album of your facebook.
You can also look at my other post like how to send unlimited message on facebook to unknown people .I hope you like my this post you can leave query if you have any problem and don’t forget to share my post and subscribe to my blog.

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