How To View And Enlarge Non Clickable Private Facebook Profile Picture


Facebook provide many privacy options to the facebook users to hide them self from others in many way like you can hide your facebook friend list from public to view it similarly facebook provide you a option to hide your facebook status from certain people and most best privacy facebook provide is to locked or restricted your facebook photos from public to watch it .You can also restricted or locked your facebook profile picture and make it not click able so even friends will not able to click on your facebook profile picture to view it larger frame .So in today tutorial we will see a way to enlarge not click able profile picture and view it in larger frames .

While browsing facebook you come across this situation in which you will not able to click on the profile picture because user of that facebook profile have put some restrictions on it.So it just a simple thumbnail if your try to enlarge it by clicking on View image and then use CTRL++ then i must tell you the picture will enlarge or zoom but the quality of the picture will get distorted .So lets see how to enlarge or zoom restricted/private not click able facebook profile pictures.

This tricks depend upon the browser which are using so we will see how it work on two most using browser Mozilla and Google chrome ,so lets see first on Mozilla firefox

View And Enlarge Non Clickable Facebook Profile Picture In Mozilla Firefox

I assume that all you have already installed mozilla firefox on your system now we need to install a add-on firefox called thumbnail zoom plus  install this add-on from the below link.

I hope you know how to install it if you don’t know see the below image on that page click on Add To Firefox
after it will start downloading and after downloading restart your Firefox .

Now once you installed it successfully go to facebook profile of that person whose photo you was not able to see.Now hover your mouse to the its facebook profile picture after a sec a new enlarge pic will appear of that restricted/locked facebook profile picture ,see below pic

I hope you will able to view enlarge restricted profile picture , using above add-on you can enlarge many thumbnails of different sites like Google plus,Flickr,bing images and many more.Now let see how to do these on Google chrome.

View And Enlarge Non Clickable Facebook Profile Picture In Google Chrome

The firefox add-on will not work on Google chrome but fortunately we have same type Google Chrome extension for Google chrome ,to download that Google Chrome Extension see below link

Most of user know how to install the Google Chrome Extension but if you don’t know how to install then see below pic.

As per the pic you have to click on Add To chrome once extension will installed the remaining process is same as we seen above for firefox but if you don’t read the above than in short i can say just go to person profile picture and then hover your mouse over the restricted profile picture to view it in large frame.
You can use this Extension on the other websites that are listed in the description of the extensions.

I hope you like my this post you can also look at my other post how to send unlimited message to the unknown people on facebook and a ultimate guide on how to speed up computer that it if you have any query leave comments and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on facebook and twitter.

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