Tweaking Mozilla Firefox For Very High Speed Browsing

In the Last year i posted a post on how to speed up Mozilla Firefox for very high speed browsing this tweak are still valid for the Mozilla Firefox .In today tutorial i will show more tweak that you can do to tweak your Mozilla Firefox for very high speed browsing.So before look at these tweaks let me give a brief review about my last year post .
1.)To increase the browsing speed of the firefox you can install the flash blocker to block all the flash so the speed of the firefox will increase.
2.)Cleaning cache and cookies of the Mozilla Firefox so it will load easily on start up and doesn’t hang while browsing.
3.)Keep up to date your Mozilla Firefox.
4.)Don’t use any Mozilla firefox theme keep it very simple.
5.)Disable unwanted functions likes ,disabling the images and java script when we don’t need it .
You to see the my last year post on how to tweak Mozilla firefox for very high speed browsing ,by clicking the below link .



Let see What more tweaks we can do to the firefox to increase the performance and speed up the browsing of firefox .

Removing the unwanted add-on and Disabling the plugins

In my last year post on tweaking Mozilla Firefox for very highs speed browsing i missed this important tweak.So why its important some time due lots of add-on extension and plugin the firefox become slow so it is necessary to remove and disable the add-on and extensions .To do this use CTRL+SHIFT+A keys to open the firefox extensions and plugin management page.
In that page Remove the unwanted extension that you don’t need it ,see below pic for more clear view

And now on the same page find plugin option and disable the plugin that you doesn’t need,see the below pic.

Turn off unnecessary scans of Mozilla Firefox

Did you ever noticed that after downloading some thing via Mozilla Firefox it start scanning of it which might some time hang your Mozilla Firefox for a while , so we need to turn off it to make our Mozilla Firefox faster as much as fast we let see how to do that.
1.) Type about:Config in the location box, if any warning see you then avoid that message and move ahead.
2.)Now in the search type , the value of it by default will be true you have to make it false by double click on that ,see below pic.

Fasterfox Lite Add-on For Mozilla Firefox

About this add-on:Lite does not mean less performance, it is just a reference to the removal of the obtrusive Enhanced Prefetching ability in Fasterfox. Enhanced Prefetching was removed for this Lite version because it wastes a lot of server bandwidth and causes unnecessary server load.Download this add-on from the below link.



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