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After a long time i am again starting writing articles , so the last time i have written an article on How to make Facebook profile images not clickable ,in today article i will show you how to apply new Facebook theme to your Facebook , this theme will override the default style of Facebook theme ,if you remember , i already shown you on how to apply a Facebook theme , the core concept will remain same on applying Facebook theme but theme will different , this time the Facebook theme is much more stylish and beautiful , please take a look at the below how theme really look like .
There is different way to apply the theme to different browser , so first we look how to apply theme to Mozilla Firefox ,i called this iTheme. This theme included many features like.
1.)Completely change user interface for Facebook
2.)Bubble chat like as in IOS
3.)Remove ADS
4.)Hove Image Effects
5.)Round Images.
As you already seen in the above images the images are of round shape  and you can also see that this theme completely removed the annoyed facebook ads.Also look at the new chat window how great it looking , isn’t it remembered you the IOS style , that why this theme get its name iTheme.So without wasting time let see how to install this theme on Firefox.

Applying Facebook Theme In Mozilla Firefox Browser

So to apply this Facebook theme you need to install Grease monkey ,to install this theme click on below link.
A new page will open and in that page click on Add To Firefox ,greasemonkey start downloading and after that you will see a pop up to install it click on install it,see below pic.
After that restart your Firefox ,to completely installed greasemonkey. So after that go to below link.
After click on the above link you will redirect to page where you have to click on Install See below image.
Ok now who don’t want to mess up with in all above steps can directly installed Facebook themes/style from Firefox add on that i created you can download this add on from the below link.



That’s it now go to Facebook you will see new Facebook iTheme style..Follow below instruction for Google chrome.

Applying Facebook Theme In Google Chrome

So let see how to apply this iTheme Facebook theme to Google chrome , procedure is almost same but greasemonkey is not available on Google chrome instead of that we use Tampermonkey.
so go to below link and install tampermonkey on Google chrome.
To install it click on Added to chrome and then Click on below link and then click on Install similar as i shown in procedure for Firefox.
That’s it now your Facebook theme is installed now go to your Facebook and enjoy new Facebook iTheme. Please do tell me
do you like this Facebook theme or not.

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