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How To View Saved Passwords In Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the most use web browser in world , both provides you a functionality to saved passwords for websites ,Once you enter your passwords in website it automatically pop up a option that you want to saved password for this website or not , if you click on yes then your password will saved in your browser.There might be chance that you forget your password , but still it isContinue Reading

How To Change Window Border Width In Windows 8

If you open any new windows in window 8 you will notice the border of  that windows , out of the fours windows border we can customize the three sides of borders left,right and bottom .By default the border of windows is little bit thick , you can easily reduce width of the borders and also increase to , there will be two ways of doing that , one will be using the registry  changesContinue Reading

How To Search In Window 8

Searching files , apps and settings in window 8 is little different from other previous windows versions , so some time it become difficult for users to understand how to search things on window 8.If you doesn’t yet installed window 8 then you can look at my tutorial on how to create a bootable window 8 USB device so you can easily install it from USB .If you already have installed it but doesn’t knowContinue Reading

How To Create Bootable Windows 8 USB Flash Drive

If your are looking for installing window 8 to your personal computer then you should know, you can also  install it through USB device , there can be many reason to installed it via USB like i have my own in my laptop CD/DVD drive not working properly , if you have the same reason then you can opt this option , the other big reason to installed windows 8 via USB is Window 8 Continue Reading

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