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How To Download Window 8.1 Free For Window 8 Users

Window 8 is start loosing his customer because of lacks of many features like start button for window 8 , but now Microsoft come with update of windows 8.1 which offers many features like return of start button to window 8 , more lock screen and better screen option ,better search and many more features like that but to get all this features we need to install window 8.1 and the good thing is thatContinue Reading

How To Improve And Change Audio Quality In VLC Media Player

 VLC media player is the most popular media player all over the world  ,  it is free and it provides lot of features than any other media player  and some time people even don’t know about all the features that provided by the VLC media player .The most exciting feature that VLC media player provide that we can zoom videos in the VLC media player and one feature is too play youtube videos in theContinue Reading

How to Return Back To Old Style New Tab Page In Google Chrome

Google chrome updated to latest version , which includes many new features like New Tab page style for google chrome on which its include google search in the middle and all the most visited tabs below and newest feature which allow user to opened the recently closed tabs in google chrome .The New Tab feature of google chrome make google chrome to start slow , if you are on slow connection then it take someContinue Reading

How To Open Recently Closed Tabs In Google Chrome

Google Chrome recently updated to its latest version with some new features like completely new design of Google Chrome tab page , restoring the recently closed tabs in google chrome and many more.The option to opened recently closed tabs wasn’t officially in the google chrome but now it is officially introduced in google chrome.Many features are introduced in the newest version of google chrome and some old features are already there in google chrome whichContinue Reading

How To Lock Files And Folder Using Winrar

If you have one computer in your home then might be your computer is shared by others member of your home , so some time you want that your files and folder should not be accessed by other members .In that case you have to lock your folders and files .You can make your folder and files password protected so if some one try to open it first it will ask password to open it.IfContinue Reading

How To Create PDF Documents and E-books From Wikipedia Articles

Most people surf Internet for looking articles on specific topic , the most reliable information are provided by the wikipedia , all the information that are available on wikipedia are free to access .I said all the information on wikipedia is almost reliable because there some standards should maintain to write the articles on wikipedia like providing citation and many other things.Wikipedia is access by almost every users in the world who use internet ,Continue Reading

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