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Bookmarks syncing In Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla firefox is one of the most use web browser in the world and also one of the most stable fast browser which also do have so many addon which increase the capabilities of mozilla firefox but  some time peoples ditch this browser because they think it doesn’t provide online synchronization capabilities like google chrome web browser but in reality it do provide addon,preference,history,passwords and bookmark synchronization capabilities but it is little bit difficult to useContinue Reading

Shows Tabs Vertically In Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla firefox and google chrome are the most popular web browser in the world  there are so many peoples in the world that use both browser for browsing the web but the problem with them is the management of the tabs , some time it become very difficult to manage all the open tabs if there is so many open tabs you could not able to figure out which tab is where and how toContinue Reading

How To Create PDF Document From Multiple Images

In my previous tutorials i had shown you how to save  particular  web page in PDF format  .In today tutorial i will show you how to create PDF document using images . it will be helpful if do you have multiple images and you want to create a PDF files from all those images .In this tutorial i will show you many ways by which we can do this , don’t worry we don’t useContinue Reading

Import Window live Calendar To Google Calendar

Microsoft windows 8 used by many people in the world it have a default application called calendar  which record all the events that created by you  like birthday and many other things or if you have account on windows live/outlook then its calendar records information about events like birthday or any any event did you had created on the on the calendar .We can associate window live account with  facebook , linkedin  so all theContinue Reading

Pointing Your Godaddy Domain To Hostgator Name Server

Its being a very long time that i have not written any tutorial on my blog because i was busy from last 3 months and in last two week i was busy in designing new WordPress theme because i want to migrate my blog from blogger to WordPress .Today in my post i will tell you about my problem that i faced during migrating my blog and solution of it  so the problem that iContinue Reading

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