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In my previous tutorials i had shown you how to save  particular  web page in PDF format  .In today tutorial i will show you how to create PDF document using images . it will be helpful if do you have multiple images and you want to create a PDF files from all those images .In this tutorial i will show you many ways by which we can do this , don’t worry we don’t use any paid software for creating our PDF files using multiple images . So first let’s see the best way in which we can do this .

Creating PDF Document From Images Using Freeware Software

we need a freeware software called freepic2pdf , you can download this software from the below link .it contains two files one is HTML and another is software itself .

Download Free2PicPDF freeware software

After downloading  the file  open the zip file it contain software  so double click on that software to open it is a portable software we do not need to install it see below pic of software

freepic2pdf zipfile image

In any converter software there are two main options one is input of file and another is path of the output directory so in our this software we have first file list option or file folder for input images and in the second option we need to give the path where me we need to save our file , see below pic .

freepic2pdf option image

So after settings these two option there is the third options we can customize our PDF files in size , margin , layout , zoom etc and the final option is the GO option by clicking on that option our PDF file will be create ,see below pic

freepic2pdf customizable

there is 2 more extra options the first one is we can sort our images and another option in which we can choose whether we want that every image have it own separate PDF file or all the images combined to singular PDF file , see below pic .

free2picpdf others options

That’s it now create your own PDF document using images and customize it as you want , so this is first and the best way of creating PDF files from images .Now lets move to our second way of creating PDF files from images .

Creating PDF Document From Images Using PDF Printer

If you remember that i have shown you a tutorial in which we save web page in PDF format in any web browser , i will recommend you to look at that my post  because in our second method we will use that PDF printer again for combining our all images into a singular PDF file . So download that Bullzip PDF printer from the below link

Download Bullzip PDF printer

After installing the bullzip PDF printer  go to the folder where all you have all your images .Now select all the images and right click on any of the image and click on Print ,see the below pic .

right click to print

A print pictures window will pop up in that window you can customize the quality , paper size , copies and the most important is that you can choose the PDF printer so  choose the Bullzip PDF printer from the printer section .Remember Bullzip PDF printer option will shown after installing the Bullzip PDF printer , see below pic

select bullzip PDF printer

As you can see in the right panel that you can customize your PDF  so your singular PDF page can have the full page photo or two photos on same page and many other things you can do from that section . Now finally click on the print button to generate your PDF file .i hope you like my post if you have any query please leave comment below in a comment section and do not forget  to subscribe my blog i will keep posting tutorials on my blog thank you and you can also see my other post below in the related section .

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