Pointing Your Godaddy Domain To Hostgator Name Server


Its being a very long time that i have not written any tutorial on my blog because i was busy from last 3 months and in last two week i was busy in designing new WordPress theme because i want to migrate my blog from blogger to WordPress .Today in my post i will tell you about my problem that i faced during migrating my blog and solution of it  so the problem that i faced is how could i point my existing godaddy domain to my new hosting that i buy on hostgator .So lets see how to point  godaddy domain to out hostgator hosting but before jumping on tutorial i will assume you have 1 .) Domain on godaddy . 2.) You have Hosting on Hostgator .

Getting Name Server Details of Hostgator

You need to log in hostgator control panel  once you log in control panel we have to find the details of  name server , a name server is the address of your server  so open up your hostgator account and scroll down to below almost to the end and in the left hand section you will find hostgator account information which contain information like name server , IP address , operating system and many other things , see below pic it will help you in understanding much better . Pointing Your Godaddy Domain To Hostgator Name Server Your name server would be like this ns4585.hostgator.com and ns4886.hostgator.com note down your name server it will be required for configuration godaddy setting’s

Configuration Godaddy domain to point hostgator server

You need to log in your godaddy account and there you need to click on domain to view all the domain you owned now for the which domain you want to point your domain to hostgator , on the right hand side of that domain you will find option to launch domain management page , see below pic . Pointing Your Godaddy Domain To Hostgator Name Server 1 After clicking on the launch you will be redirect to domain detail page on that page you have all the information about your domain like forwarding , name server  .We need to configure our godaddy name server setting’s to which it should point , so click on manage see below pic Pointing Your Godaddy Domain To Hostgator Name Server 2 A window will pop up now in this window choose custom and then add name server which we have noted earlier from hostgator control panel account  and then finally click on save for more good explanation , please see below pic . Pointing Your Godaddy Domain To Hostgator Name Server 3 Now we are almost done  now your godaddy domain is pointing to your hostgator server if you have baby hostgator account then you can add as many domain you want that’s it , i hope you like my this post if you have any query please leave comment in below comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog .

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