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Mozilla firefox and google chrome are the most popular web browser in the world  there are so many peoples in the world that use both browser for browsing the web but the problem with them is the management of the tabs , some time it become very difficult to manage all the open tabs if there is so many open tabs you could not able to figure out which tab is where and how to open or to reach that tab directly that you want to open so there are many tabs management addon and extension are available for both the browser which help you in managing your all open tabs so in today tutorial i will show how to align or show tabs vertically instead of horizontally so it become more easier for you to manage the tabs , so let see how we can do in each web browser .

Align tabs vertically in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla firefox have many great addon , one addon about which we will going to talk about is tree style tab which help in creating tabs in tree view or we can say align tabs vertically so the management of the tabs become easier , so let see how to do that , first we need to install the tab so go to the tab from the below link.

After installing it , you just need to restart your mozilla firefox and you will see all the tabs align vertically in separate small window which itself is customizable see below image

show tabs vertically in mozilla firefox

As you can see in the image all your tabs are align vertically and you can also hide that window by just dragging it to the right .

Align tabs vertically in Google Chrome

Google chrome have many extensions which simplify your tabs management one of extension is for managing the tabs is tree style tab which is similar to the firefox addon the difference here is that it create button on the google chrome in which we can see our all open tabs which is different from mozilla firefox addon because here in google chrome extension it is not creating extra separate window so to install this extension please click on the below link .

After installing it you will a see a button on your google chrome window and click that button will show your all the tabs align in vertical positions have a look at the pic below .

show tabs vertically in google chrome

So as you can see in the image by clicking on the button it will display all your tabs vertically which is so handy to manage all your open tabs there are few more extension available in the google chrome web store you can also try them for showing tabs in vertical orders so see below link for that extensions.

Install Sidewise tab from below link

Install vertitabs from the below link

Sidewise tree style extension provide you some extra feature like notepad and vertitabs extension is similar to user interface of tree style tabs of mozilla firefox so install any of the extension as per your need and do tell me which one you like most in below comment section and i hope you like my this post if you have any query please leave a comment below in comment section and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog  and you can look at my more post in below related post sections .

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