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Facebook force share viral script is a script which force user to share video before allow user to see the content and this script can be use on blogger or any HTML pages , if you remember i wrote a post about  facebook like clickjacking script in that post i shown you how people get likes on there page by executing a script in background and when you open any web page , the script will execute automatically and without your intention you clicked on a invisible like  button of there facebook page , so in today post  i would shown you another facebook force share viral script that force user to share video to see the content .

What is facebook force share viral script ?

Speaking in laymen language is just a basic content locker based on java script  that won’t give access to users until they will not share it on facebook , suppose there is video that you cant see until you share it , see below image how interface look like .

Facebook Force Share Viral Script

So until you share it you won’t access the content now come to the point is that really a video ?
The answer is no its not a video at all is just a work of simple JavaScript i found this JavaScript on web and i implement it on blogger and i was successful in doing it.You can check live example of my blog below , how force sharing script work .

So now point come how we can detect such JavaScript running in background on page ?

Right Click on the video player and click on inspect element and on the right hand side you can see that it is a image not a video so once you share it you will redirect to some other page (See below image) .

So after sharing the content on you facebook wall , your friends will visit the website and then they will share that content and that’s how this video will become a viral ,so in the end conclusion is don’t get attracted to such messages which say “snake found in MacDonald” or “shark attack helicopter” and something similar to that which is currently in news .

In this post i can’t show you how to make such blog but if you want tutorial you can get it from below by either just liking below my facebook page or plus one and after that you will able to see the download link .

[sociallocker id=”3565″]


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  1. Mohammed says

    Please let me know just the code not the entire temple because it’s not easy to modify it, so can we just get the code for it? Thanks.

    • Hey i have changed the template now it’s fine you can download it from the above link and you just need to change the redirect URL in th template to redirect it to your own blog post and what kind of code do you want ?

  2. plz bro how i can put adsense add in this template

  3. cheater, trying to deploy a VIRUS to my machine with this script

  4. Hey i change all the urls and links but still the Veena Malik link doesn’t change

    • open the template with any text editor and in top of the template fine the code

      meta content='http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3406/3634357193_787d886f75.jpg' property='og:image'
      link href='http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3406/3634357193_787d886f75.jpg' rel='http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3406/3634357193_787d886f75.jpg' type='image/gif'
      link href='facebook.favicon.ico' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/x-icon'
      meta content='Veena malik hot video got leaked she is pakistani film and t.v actress' property='og:description'
      meta content='Veena Malik Hot Video' property='og:title'/>

      And change the image URL with your image URL and change the description as per your need.

  5. Changed all links but still shows Veena’s Story when i share

  6. how to convert my adsense code into html coding? where do i found the adsense code?

  7. you script is best but i dont share more post in this tamplate
    hope you will update it
    I have to add more video in this

  8. i checked this code is not working for mobile
    after 2nd click on play button its unlocked
    and very big landing page for mobile

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